About Us


The Associazione Culturale Musicale di Bertiolo “Filarmonica la Prime Lûs 1812” is a no-profit musical association. Our main aim is to perform original band music, both classical and modern. We also organize various contests for wind bands, brass ensemble and band music composition.

The group was born in 1812 in the village of Bertiolo located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the north-eastern Italian region. Bertiolo is a 2500-inhabitants village in the plain beneath the alps, not far from Slovenia and Austria.



The group is made up of non-professional players who dedicate part of their spare time in enjoying music. Besides directly playing music, our association proposes and promotes many other activities in order to diffuse music culture, expecially at amateur level.

Since the beginning the activity of the "Filarmonica di Bertiolo" has continued constantly, apart for some brakes during the two world wars. It's obvious that during the nearly 200 years of activity the band had many mutations, particularly in the last 20 years, with considerable musical and organizational improvements.

Nowadays the band is formed by almost 50 members with an age that spans from 15 to 70 years. The group is composed mainly of young people, which is eager to play and anjoy any kind of music. The repertoire of the band includes classic music, simphonies, folkloristic and modern music. The band can perform either concerts or parades.

Exibitions can be made with two different uniforms, depending on the situation: the first is a tipical military-inspired band uniform well suited with formal happenings and celebrations. The second is a folkloristic Friulan costume, tipical of Friuli. The repertoire include also some pieces written by the most important Friulan composers.

The band in folkloristic costume


The band in 2012


The main activity of the band is not limitated to the surrounding villages but the exibitions are all spread around the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the neighbouring regions, besides some concerts and parades in Austria and Slovenia.

Since 2003 the band is skillfully conducted by Andrea D'Incà.

Besides the above-mentioned activities, since many years the association holds a Music School with different theorical and instrumental courses from which new people can start enjoing music and join the Bertiolo band.

Our association organizes every two years the Wind Bands Contest, the only one in this region, from the 2008 edition it is open also to foreign bands. Since 2007 two other contests have been organized: the International Contest for Band Music Composition, and the National Contest for Wind Ensembles. Informations about the contests are available at page Contests.